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A Day In A Life

20th September, 2005. 4:22 pm. New Account

I got a new account. =oD

I hope you add me. ^^

Current mood: happy.

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9th July, 2005. 3:18 pm. Room

Last night, I wanted to make a picture with oil pastels. But I couldn't find them anywhere.
So, I decided to clean my room because they might be there.
It took me more than two hours.
I'm a very sentimental person, so I usually drift away to memorie lane. xD
Most of the crap I had to clean up were school crap. And that had a lot of memories. xD I even had to think twice before putting away my Science Notes. They are very... special.

Here are the 'Before' pictures. Don't look if you're one of those neat freaks. I'll put up 'After' pictures some other point in life.Collapse )

Current mood: annoyed.

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3rd July, 2005. 5:08 pm. I'M SO GAWD DAMN HOTT!


Current mood: SEXY BITCH.

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28th June, 2005. 3:56 pm. Blahh

Today, we went on that boat cruise thing. It was for the grade nine grad thing.
My school has grade sevens to nine, and we'll be leaving this school soon, so yeah, we're special.
I found it quite relaxing. Other people thought it was boring.
The water was beautiful. Sure, it was a little murky and a little green and gross, but the way the water flowed and shit... Gorgeous.
And then, after that, we got back to the school to reherse how the ceremony would go. Quite boring.

So, tomorrow is when the grad thing will take place. After that, there will be a dance. My dates-by-force will be Randi, Karen, Ashley C, Ashley M, and maybe random people I see. I hope at least one of them will attend or I'd probably look like this poor ass...Collapse )

Sorry I haven't been on LJ lately. I haven't been commenting either. I'm a lazy ass.

By the way, if my memory isn't being a bitch, I'm pretty sure Krysten's birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday, hun. I'm so proud of you. Little Krys is growing up. xD It felt like juz yesterday when she turned 16.

I like love you all.

Current mood: blank.

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25th June, 2005. 1:17 pm. Duct tape

Yesterday, at school, I made stuff out of duct tape because I am the coolest person alive.

I made a...

rose. Isn't it puuuurdy? ^^

vest and a purse. I'm pretty sure I should start my own fashion line.

I also made a wallet but I'm too lazy to take a picture of that because I'm a champ and a half.

Yep, I'm pretty sure duct tape can fix and make anything in the world.


Current mood: amused.

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19th June, 2005. 7:42 pm. New camra

Yesterday, my dad gave me a camra. He didn't like it. He said the quaility was bad. xD

He got it for $15.99 plus tax. What a deal!

Its a camra, webcam and video camra(160 seconds) all in one!!
I lovelovelove it so much. It is so cute and so small. ^^ I even gave it a name... Steffy! hah I'm a loser.

PicturesCollapse )

If any of you live near or in the Peg, go to Computer Distributors of Canada!!!
Located in 1760 Sargent AVE route 90!
Opened Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm. Saturday: 10am-6pm

There are great deals! GO GO GO!!!

Current mood: inlove.

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17th June, 2005. 1:22 pm. Happy Birthday, Shady

Today is my friend, Shadiyah's birthday.
Some of you may know her.
If you do, wish her a happy birthday or something. =oD

Current mood: happy.

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16th June, 2005. 6:50 pm. Tagged by bored_eurydice

Directions: List your six currently favorite songs, and then tag six people who have to do it too.

1. Seether - Remedy
2. Billy Talent - The Ex
3. Tori Amos - Caught a Light Sneeze
4. Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
5. The Offspring - Prettyfly
6. AC/DC - Back In Black

1) MC Antalope
2) Chelle Chelle
3) Lumberjack
4) Kaylee Palm Tree
5) Rapping Poparazzi
6) That person who dances for him


Hopefully, you didn't get tagged before I tagged you. =oO
And hopfully, you know which random nickname is your's.
And if you don't know if I tagged you or not, do it anyway! =oD

I double dog dare you.

Current mood: mellow.

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15th June, 2005. 6:18 pm. Mommy Loves You

I haven't updated in a while. Daz because I don't have much of a life to update about. But I've been keeping up with all your updates. ^^

Drawing!Collapse )

Current mood: artistic.

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12th June, 2005. 1:43 pm. Before and after...

Last night, I was bored so I decided to edit a picture of myself.

Here is me now.

Here is me five years later after abusing drugs, having hardcore surgery done, and tanning! YAY

The people in most magazines have been edited and huge chunks of their skin has been removed from pictures to make them look different. So yeah... I decided to try it out for myself and yeah, I ended up with that ugly mofo.


Current mood: amused.

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